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Alex Zelenka and Robert Owens Unveil Mesmerizing Single “Make Me Move”

Chicago-based producer Alex Zelenka has joined forces with legendary vocalist Robert Owens to deliver the mesmerizing single “Make Me Move.” Introduced by fellow Chicago luminary K-Alexi Shelby, this collaboration is a testament to the creative exchange and mutual admiration between the two artists.

The track, a result of Zelenka’s sonic wizardry and Owens’ soul-stirring vocals, exudes a beautifully strange and sultry vibe. Zelenka’s production, characterized by deep, introspective, lo-fi textures, provides the perfect backdrop for Owens’ heartfelt lyrics about surrendering to desire.

“Make Me Move” has undergone an evolution from its early demo stages to the final version, with Zelenka meticulously refining the music to complement Owens’ vocals. The result is a deep, dreamy composition that resonates with emotion and authenticity, showcasing the seamless synergy between the two artists.

Audio Soul Project

Impressed by the track’s potential, Fresh Meat Records A&R Mazi Namvar promptly signed it for release. Additionally, Namvar has contributed two garage remixes under his Audio Soul Project moniker, adding his signature touch to the project.

The first vocal mix, infused with pulsating rhythms and intricate basslines, amplifies the energy of Owens’ vocals, creating an irresistible dancefloor pulsation. The Audio Soul Project dub maintains the same rhythmic and bass-heavy approach, keeping the vocals to a minimum and cutting the arrangement to its bare essentials, offering a fresh perspective on the original track.

With its blend of soulful vocals and mesmerizing beats, “Make Me Move” is poised to captivate listeners and ignite discerning dancefloors worldwide, offering a compelling and immersive musical experience.

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About Robert Owens:
Robert Owens is an American songwriter, record producer, DJ, and singer, best known for his work with the Chicago house group Fingers Inc. As a solo artist, he has achieved significant success, with several chart-topping hits, including “I’ll Be Your Friend” and “Mine to Give.”

About Alex Zelenka:
Alex Zelenka is a Chicago-based artist, music producer, songwriter, and DJ, renowned for his work with Crystal Castles and Telepopmusik. With a career spanning over two decades, Zelenka has collaborated with world-class talent and continues to explore various styles of electronic music.


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