ADANNAY Releases Powerful New Single “Send For Me”

British-Caribbean singer-songwriter ADANNAY pays homage to the lesser-told stories of the Windrush generation in their latest single, “Send For Me.” Released 75 years after the historic Windrush journey, the song delves into the perspective of the children left behind in the Caribbean when their parents emigrated to the UK.

Inspired by ADANNAY’s personal family history, “Send For Me” weaves a narrative that is both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. The track blends Jamaican Mento elements with contemporary Afropop, creating a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and fresh. ADANNAY’s characteristic stacked harmonies and lyrical wordplay elevate the song, making it a compelling exploration of history and heritage.


ADANNAY says: “The legacy of Windrush in Britain runs deep, but there are so many stories in this history that have gone untold. With this song I wanted to pay homage to these varied, lesser-heard perspectives – and to my own family who have lived them. It’s not about blame or judgement, but about understanding their legacy – seeking truth, nuance and empathy.” 

What sets “Send For Me” apart is the inclusion of clips from conversations between ADANNAY and their elders, offering a personal touch to the historical narrative. The song seeks to shed light on diverse and lesser-known perspectives within the Windrush history, encouraging understanding, truth, nuance, and empathy.

ADANNAY is set to launch the single with a special event at Brixton House on November 27, 2023. The event will celebrate the history and impact of Caribbean music in the UK, featuring a stellar lineup of guests, including rapper GAIKA and musical director Chris Cameron.

“Send For Me” is the first release from ADANNAY’s upcoming EP, scheduled for release in early 2024. This track positions ADANNAY as a powerful and distinctive young voice on the music scene, ready to make an impactful mark.

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