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Abstract Mindstate Teams Up with Slum Village’s Young RJ for New Album, Shares Lead Single ‘True Story’

Chicago-based hip-hop duo Abstract Mindstate, known for their extraordinary resilience, has made a remarkable comeback with their latest album.

The duo, comprised of Olskool Ice-Gre and Ebony Poetress (E.P. Da Hellcat), achieved cult status with their debut album ‘We Paid, Let Us In!’ in the early 2000s. However, it wasn’t until 20 years later, after they had already called it quits as recording artists, that they received their big break with the lauded 2021 comeback album ‘Dreams Still Inspire,’ produced entirely by Kanye West and released via Kanye’s YZY SND imprint.

Abstract Mindstate True Story
True story artwork

With renewed momentum and motivation, Gre and EP are now preparing for their next album, this time with production from Midwest compatriot and Slum Village legend, Young RJ. The album’s lead single, “True Story,” was released today (3/8/2024) on all major digital streaming platforms via Honest Music/Barak With Love/Virgin Music Group. Co-produced by South African producer Dave Audinary and featuring vocals from Simthandile Mtolo, the new single delves into the jealousy and envy that Gre and EP have faced along their long and hard-fought journey.

The duo’s story is one of perseverance and dedication, and their latest musical offering is a testament to their unwavering passion for their craft. The lead single “True Story” sets the stage for an album that promises to be a compelling and introspective exploration of their experiences and struggles.

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Olskool Ice-Gre and Ebony Poetress (a.k.a. E.P. Da Hellcat) are the male/female Hip-Hop duo known as Abstract Mindstate, hailing from the Southside and Westside of Chicago respectively. The pair made a name for themselves in the early 2000s with their golden era sensibilities, their brutally honest and introspective lyrics over soulful beats, and their energetic and connected live performances. They proudly label themselves Adult Contemporary Hip Hop or ACH, a term Gre coined and has been using to describe the group’s music for several years.

Their 2001 debut album We Paid, Let Us In! was to be the first of three albums they had planned, including Still Paying and You Owe Us Change. The former was set to feature Kanye, Common, and John Legend. But when a “a sizable investment” fell through, and their label situation didn’t pan out, the album was ultimately shelved. The duo pivoted to their Chicago’s Hardest Working mixtape series to try to stay afloat and keep the momentum in their favor, but the group soon faced personal hardship and decided to hang up the mics in 2008.

Over a decade later, Gre and EP would re-emerge with a full-length album produced entirely by Kanye West, an artist their group had inspired early on. The album, Dreams Still Inspire, would be the only official release via Kanye’s YZY SND. Although no longer affiliated with the label, the group continues to evolve as part of the Slum Village family, a sibling like group who are internationally loved Hip Hop legends.


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